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Week 2: Local Anaesthetic

event ended on february 2, 2024 at 22:59 UTC


Area > Cost > Cycles
Tarcles > Cost > Area

Nerve Block
Elemental Earth

Local Anaesthetic

Tarcles is defined by taking the number of arms and adding it with the number of track hexes. That number is then multiplied with the cycle count. It can be expressed as
(arm bases + track hexes)*cycles.

It can be a little tricky to work out this number at first, but if you upload a solution to this website, the website will calculate your tarcles score for you. Tarcles is surprisingly easy to design solutions for, as solutions with low arm counts are encouraged.

Maximos' budding passion for alchemy was not encouraged. Schools didn't teach alchemy where he lived, and his parents thought of his alchemical obsession as an unhealthy one. They threw away the alchemy table he grew to love, only ever doing what they thought was best. The only thing it did to Maximos, though, was fuel an increasingly burning anger.

Alchemy had grown to become his creative outlet, a place where he was in control. And he liked to take control by way of rebellion. he quickly learned how to make all sorts of untraceable explosives, caustic acids, paint bombs, you name it.

Maximos would try to find solace in his friends too, but all he was to them was the kid who could make cool things. They didn't know who he truly was. No one did. He would sometimes even entertain rather unsavoury requests. He was being used. And he allowed himself to be used, to his own despair. He just needed someone to believe in him. That day was not today, but it would come.

download: OM2024_W2_Local_Anaesthetic.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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