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Week 5: Latch-Hook Fireworks

event ended on march 1, 2024 at 22:59 UTC


Area - Number of Arms > Cycles > Cost
Cost > Cycles > Area

Fragment of Heat
Fragment of Cold

Firework E
Firework W
Firework A

Area is still calculated normally, and then the Number of Arms is removed from the total. The Berlo Wheel counts as an arm.

Fireworks were typically bought for scraps of guilder by time-poor and poor-poor college students, but alchemy students would often make their own to cut down even further on spending. These designs, taken from Critelli's notebook, feature a rather nifty latching mechanic. One could hook these onto almost any flat surface imaginable. The potential for mischief would've been unrivalled. But these particular designs would prove to have surprising historic value, as Victus would soon discover after one fateful round of confiscations...

download: OM2024_W5_Latch-Hook_Fireworks.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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