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Week 11 Brazing Cathode

event ended on august 26, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


by zorflax

Vintage Instructions > Instructions > Cost
Cycles > Cost

Update: by popular demand, and to encourange the submission of looping solves, the cycles category no longer has an instructions tertiary.

Elemental Iron
Elemental Lead
Elemental Quicksilver

Brazing Cathode

Alas, the poor alchemist didn't survive long enough to have their story told in the lore section of the 11th 2022 weekly puzzle. Their pet turtle found a new home though, so that was cool.

Vintage Instructions: Number of all instructions that are not grab, drop, and rotate (with Repeat and Return instructions counted in its expanded state)

download: OM2022Weeklies_BrazingCathode.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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