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Week 7 Cuprite

event ended on july 29, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


by zorflax

Trackless Instructions > Cost > Cycles
Cycles * Bonders > Area > Cost

(note: for Cycles * Bonders, regular bonders count as one, multibonders count as 3, debonders count as 0)

Molten Copper

Cuprite Jewel

Fire gashes across the city like blood from an open wound. Its newly deformed glower is reflected by the sky. But that colour had long since infected every visible surface of House Colvan. Most of which has, too, fallen into disarray. The throne room's door had been barricaded by the few men still able to convince themselves that it contains something worth defending. But it, too, is soon to be overwhelmed. The newly crowned Master Colvan continues to gaze vacuously into the distant skyline. With his back turned to his reckoning, he sees only red.

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Yet it is on the ground where the chaos can be felt. Haphazard bombs of poor alchemical make stain the roads black. The nostrils are filled with the unspeakable stench of mayhem. The idea of law is but a weak suggestion. And amidst the pandemonium lies a dented crown. Much of the crown shines a lustrous rose gold. But it is the jewel that ensnares one's gaze, even now. A perfectly intact cuprite jewel. A flawless brilliant cut. An impossibly dark blood-red finish. And a burning city.

download: OM2022Weeklies_Cuprite.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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