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Week 4 Nightmare Fuel

event ended on july 8, 2022 at 23:59 UTC

Nightmare Fuel

by biggiemac42

Cycles > Cost > Area

This puzzle is designed to be played as "Puzzle Creator vs the World"

I've made a cycles solution that I think is very good. All competitors are encouraged to form a megateam, and share ideas and complete solution files, including in public channels. For personal solutions, cycles or otherwise, you can submit to the 'showcase' metric. Show me what you've got.

Molten Residue
Thin Air

Nightmare Fuel

Screams echo around you as you emerge from the wreckage. You turn and see the others. All are still alive. Your mind is hazy. Perhaps the same is true for them. Surviving the night means embracing the darkness, and the madness..

download: OM2022Weeklies_NightmareFuel.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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