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Week 1 Dye Hard

event ended on june 23, 2023 at 23:59 UTC


by Genius42

Latency > Cost > Area
Overlap Area > Cost > Cycles

Salt Crystal

Colorful Condiment


  • Latency as a metric here is defined as the amount of cycles it takes to output the first product. The solution still has to be solved for it to be valid in this metric.
  • Overlap Area is the same as the standard area metric but with the no overlap restriction removed. Glyphs can be overlapped under this metric, but any solution with overlapped glyphs would not count for the latency metric. For a tutorial on how to do overlap check out this page. For more details on overlap mechanics, check out this write-up by Grimmy. Overlapped glyphs on the same tile activate bottom to top, dragging a glyph will take the bottom one and put it on the very top.
  • "Ok, I have a brilliant idea: Sprinkles 2.0!"
    "Oh, no. Not again."
    "It will be made from the finest crystallized salt only!"
    "Is it absolutely necessary?"
    "And this is the best part... It will taste SAVOURY!"

    download: OM2023Weeklies_DyeHard.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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