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Week 6 Hexstabilized Teuling's Mors

event ended on july 28, 2023 at 23:59 UTC


by geco

Twist: You're not allowed to grab mors at any time.

Cost > Cycles > Instructions
[Instructions (except grab, drop, pivots)] > C > G

Bistabilized Salt
Stabilized Teuling's Mors

Hexstabilized Teuling's Mors

While Teuling's mors is usually stabilized with vitae during alchemical processes, this form isn't stable enough for safe long-term storage. Hexstabilizing the alchemical into a ring with salt significantly reduces its volatility and has therefore become the standard. This process was developed by the Imperial University in response to a series of incidents that poisoned tens of thousands of people from various houses. Had the houses not covered up these incidents (due to concerns of military secrecy), it is likely this method would've been invented at least a decade earlier, saving thousands of lives.

download: OM2023Weeklies_HexstabilizedTeulingsMors.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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