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Week 8 Particle Reconstruction

event ended on august 11, 2023 at 23:59 UTC


by rebix

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Nucleon (Variable)

Nucleon (Reconstructed)


  • Each Nucleon has a bond missing between two of its three constituent particles—a valid solution to this puzzle must complete for all three possible missing bonds, reconstructing the same bond pattern in the output.
  • Output conditionals are disallowed: dropping an output with the same footprint but incorrect atoms or bonds will result in a collision.
  • "Everything around us is made from combinations of a small number of underlying elements. By Studying[sic] these elements and their transmutations, the Alchemist learns to understand the workings of the universe itself." - Asmodeus II

    While we now know the identities of these underlying elements, there have been many theories in the past prior to our current accepted set of alchemical primes. One such theory modeled the smallest building blocks of the universe as triplets of "quarks", which gained some popularity with alchemists at the time. Unfortunately, it was later disproven by Carus Van Berlo after his isolation of the four cardinal elements.

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