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Week 2 Tonic of Transmogrification

event ended on june 30, 2023 at 23:59 UTC


by The Weeklies Gang

Cycles > Cost > Area


Tonic of Transmogrification


  • This puzzle utilizes the on-site puzzle generator—create your own input containing up to three atoms! Use only puzzle files generated by the site and do not edit the puzzle in-game, otherwise our parser will fail to recognize the input you used. Different submissions are allowed to have different inputs.
  • Sum as a metric here is defined as cost + cycles + area.
  • The Tonic of Transmogrification is said to have been able to transform those who consume it into the form of their truest desire. Sadly, the alchemist behind said tonic had gone missing several decades ago. They left little notes on their work, and as a result we may never know what was used to synthesize such a miracle of alchemy. Though rumors say the alchemist is still alive, living a private life as their truest self.

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