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Week 8 Warmup: Elemental Comparator

event ended on march 26, 2023 at 21:58 UTC


This is an optional warmup puzzle. If you complete this puzzle but not Habitability Detector, you'll get 10 bonus points, but the solution will not be ranked.

Unknown Element (Earth, Air, Water, or Fire)
Unknown Element (Earth, Air, Water, or Fire)
Elemental Gold
Elemental Salt

Comparison Result (Salt or Gold)

A valid solution must reach the victory screen for all 16 combinations of Unknown Element reagents. If the two Unknown Elements are the same, the solution must output gold. If the elements are different, the solution must output salt. Output conditionals are disallowed; dropping a salt atom onto a gold output or vice versa is counted as a collision. Unlike the full puzzle, you may assume both inputs stay the same each time they're pulled—but it may be good practice to handle one or both of the inputs changing anyway.

download: OM2023_W8w_ElementalComparator.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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