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Week Off: Cool Earrings

event ended on february 24, 2023 at 21:59 UTC


This puzzle is optional and doesn't affect your tournament score. Also, for this puzzle only: feel free to discuss any aspect of the puzzle and share GIFs and solution files in the #opus-magnum channel of the Unofficial Zachtronics Discord!

Cycles > Cost > Area
Rate + Steady State Area

Elemental Gold

Cool Earring (Left)
Cool Earring (Right)

Alara Fen
Ooh, these look nice.
Mikael Eltus
You should get them! Wait, what are you doing?
Alara Fen
Have you never seen an alchemist's loupe before?
Mikael Eltus
Well, yes, but…
Alara Fen
So that's how they're making that color! Let's head back—I've been looking for something to work on while we wait for the probe data.

download: OM2023_WO_CoolEarrings.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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