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Week 0 Leave No Trace

event ended on january 7, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


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this puzzle is non-scoring

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Silver Mirror

Elemental Gold
Vanishing Material

VICTORIA HAMMERLOCK: Why did you call me down here Corvo?
CORVO ATREUS: Because we're short on time, the Houses caught wind of our little experiment and they're on their way here.
HAMMERLOCK: The old transmutation engine, how did they find out?
ATREUS: I smell a spy for one of the old Houses, we need to get out of here fast. There's just one problem...
HAMMERLOCK: What is it?
ATREUS: We don't have any money, there's nowhere for us to stay.
HAMMERLOCK: Hmm... Hey Corvo, did you know that mirrors are made of silver?
ATREUS: They are?
HAMMERLOCK: Yea, quick, grab me that one there and I'll spin it into some gold.
ATREUS: Great, though hurry up, we don't have much time. And be sure to leave this place spotless, we can't have people tracking us down.
HAMMERLOCK: That complicates things. I can't use the disposal glyph to get rid of excess waste then, leaves too much residue in the air. Looks like I'll have to get creative.

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HAMMERLOCK: Ok, that should do it. This should give us enough gold to keep us comfortable for a bit.
ATREUS: And not a moment too soon.
HAMMERLOCK: I sure am going to miss this old musty dungeon.
ATREUS: You complained nonstop the first week you were here.
HAMMERLOCK: Well yeah, I mean, after the College of Alchemical Engineering was destroyed, I didn't exactly have a place to go. This was pretty far from what I expected I'd be working on. The professors there weren't exactly the type to explain the day to day mundanity of making health tonics and stamina potions for geriatric patriarchs. I'm just happy they left me alone down here.
ATREUS: It's certainly a part of the position that's best left unsaid. Now help me get this tarp over the transmutation engine.

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