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Week 1 Rust Removal

event ended on january 21, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


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Cycles > Cost > Area
Cost > Cycles > Area

Rust Amalgam
Rust Amalgam

Copper Filament

VICTORIA HAMMERLOCK: Think we're far enough away from the estate?
CORVO ATREUS: If they look this far, then they're obviously far more paranoid than we had anticipated.
HAMMERLOCK: Your optimism truly is a shimmering beacon Corvo.
ATREUS: Listen, live as long as I do, and you'll understand why I don't count my chickens until they hatch.
HAMMERLOCK: Fair enough, though you'd also be wise to learn the benefits of false optimism.
ATREUS: The only false optimism I need right now is a cool glass of whiskey.
HAMMERLOCK: Just don't mess up the transmutation engine. Is this why you led me here in the first place?
ATREUS: Yep, it's a bit rusty, but we should be able to get it up and running again.
HAMMERLOCK: Huh, no seals or sigils. Probably from the early years before the Alchemy Treaty was signed.
ATREUS: You can get started on getting that old engine up and running. I'm going to go and get some supplies.

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HAMMERLOCK: Alright, she might be old, but a little love and she's purring like a kitten. Hey Atreus, what should we name her? We had Doretta back at the Adelman estate. What should we name her?
ATREUS: *snoring*
HAMMERLOCK: Passed out drunk again I see. Well old girl, how does Azuri sound? After all, that azure color is quite fitting.

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