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Week 3 Lubricating Solvents

event ended on february 4, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


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(Tracks + Arms) * Cycles > Cost > Area
Cost > Area > Cycles

Crude Oil
Crude Oil

Lubricating Solvent
Lubricating Solvent

Tracks here is defined as number of track hexes.
Arms here is defined as number of arm bases.

CORVO ATREUS: Well I think we might have a nice opportunity for ourselves.
VICTORIA HAMMERLOCK: I'm all ears, what's this opportunity?
ATREUS: Shipment of lubricating solvent got held up at customs, seems the boss didn't send his monthly bribe to House Juvenal. Now the whole forge has gone still as everything's started seizing up. Boss is going bald stressing over it, so I figured, what if we got our hands on a case of the stuff. One of the guys was able to sneak me some crude oil from a nearby refinery. Think we can turn this into some lubricating solvent?
HAMMERLOCK: Can we? A few of the most basic glyphs and I'll make certain of it. Can you grab me some from that box over there?
ATREUS: Here, but you seem to be low on those little arm and track things.
HAMMERLOCK: Really? We can't get any new ones in time either. Guess these will have to do.

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HAMMERLOCK: And voila. Enough lubricating solvent to keep even the most stubborn joints running smoothly for weeks.
ATREUS: Perfect, the look on his face when he sees this in the morning will be priceless.
HAMMERLOCK: You should take a picture.
ATREUS: If only I had a camera, I would.

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