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Week 5 Aether Reactor

event ended on february 18, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


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Quintessential Core

Elemental Quintessence x2

12 products each

CORVO ATREUS: So why are you wanting all these whatchamacallit cores? It's not easy getting my hands on these, you know.
VICTORIA HAMMERLOCK: Quintessential cores, and I have an idea, something to really blow Mr. Juvenal's mind.
ATREUS: I'm listening.
HAMMERLOCK: A powered transport. One powered by Elemental Quintessence.
ATREUS: For transporting what?
HAMMERLOCK: Ore, or in this case, perhaps a nasty surprise.
ATREUS: I think I know what you're thinking, and I couldn't agree more. Perhaps I'll encourage the boss to extend an invitation to the entire family since we got his little camera for him.
HAMMERLOCK: Sounds like a perfect way to sticking it to House Juvenal and reminding the other houses that they're not untouchable as they'd like to have us believe.

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HAMMERLOCK: And done, hopefully these rickety chambers can hold for the rest of the quintessence.
ATREUS: Finished? So how do we get this onto a transport?
HAMMERLOCK: Simple, just hook this section up to the axle and you can just regulate the flow of quintessence with this handle.
ATREUS: How do you know about all this?
HAMMERLOCK: Back in college my roommate was an engineer. I picked up a few things, especially when it comes to making stuff like this.
ATREUS: Remind me to never get on your bad side. Knowing my luck you'd build an airship and bomb me from the skies.
HAMMERLOCK: Hah, airships are too slow and predictable for something like that. Now some kind of powered glider on the other hand might be perfect.

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