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Week 6 Fulmination

event ended on march 4, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


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Iron Hematite
Elemental Salt
Elemental Quicksilver

Fulminating Gold

Throughput (technically inverted throughput) as a metric here is defined as the amount of cycles per product ad infinitum. The solution has to run forever for it to be valid in this metric.
Latency as a metric here is defined as the amount of cycles it takes to output the first product. The solution still has to be solved for it to be valid in this metric.

CORVO ATREUS: You need some what now?
VICTORIA HAMMERLOCK: Iron hematite. That, and some elemental salt and quicksilver, though I should be able to get those myself.
ATREUS: So what's this for?
HAMMERLOCK: Well you said you needed a camera, and this will give us the last piece to that puzzle; fulminating gold.
ATREUS: And how does this play into your master plan?
HAMMERLOCK: Get me those hematite ores and I'll show you. Let's hand House Juvenal's ass to them together.

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HAMMERLOCK: And perfect, a substance that'll explode the instant light falls upon it. Now to just tuck it away, out of reach of any light.
ATREUS: So, it explodes the instant it's exposed to sunlight. How does that not blow up in our faces?
HAMMERLOCK: Simple, we put it on a bunch of covered lead ore and when the Juvenal's come closer to inspect the forge's handiwork, the cover will be pulled off. The sunlight hits the fulminating gold, exploding violently and sending chunks of lead flying.
ATREUS: Your tactics confuse and frighten me sometimes.
HAMMERLOCK: Don't worry, just make sure you get out of the vicinity in time.
ATREUS: That sure is... assuring.

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