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Week 7 Potent Painkillers

event ended on march 11, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


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Elemental Salt x7

Potent Analgesic
Potent Anaesthetic

Sum as a metric here is defined as cost + cycles + area.

VICTORIA HAMMERLOCK: Corvo! What happened to you? Let me get a chair pulled up. Where are you bleeding?
CORVO ATREUS: It worked like you expected, a little too well. Damn thing blew the whole place sky high, nearly took my damn leg off. Hurts like hell, can you fix it?
HAMMERLOCK: Let me see what I can find. I think if we have the right stuff I can make something that should keep the edge off while I bandage you up.
ATREUS: What do you have in mind for me?
HAMMERLOCK: A mix of analgesics and anaesthetics. Something strong enough to make a broken leg feel like a scratch.
ATREUS: Just what the doctor ordered.
HAMMERLOCK: One catch though, one phial will make you feel invincible, but any more will put you to sleep forever.
ATREUS: So harmless if you take one, but a perfect way to take yourself out if you’re not careful. I’ll keep that in mind.
HAMMERLOCK: Precisely my friend. Now to finalize our plan.

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HAMMERLOCK: After making all that fulminating gold, this was a walk in the park. Hopefully this takes effect fast enough.
ATREUS: Just in time, that bottle of whiskey was starting to look real friendly. One of these should do the trick right?
HAMMERLOCK: Yep, and two will drop even the largest of humans into an eternal slumber.
ATREUS: Noted.
HAMMERLOCK: Atreus, after this, we'll have to split up. I’m going to use the engine for one last transmutation, and after that I’ll wipe her clean. It’ll be like nothing ever happened. I'd take her with me if I could, but sadly I can’t carry the entire thing with me.
ATREUS: I fully agree, maybe I'll see if some old museum can keep her safe for the time being. After all, she's an important artifact from a bygone era.
HAMMERLOCK: If you do that, I'd greatly appreciate it. These old engines have given us so much. It would only be fitting if we give them the same respect.
ATREUS: I think we'll be able to keep her out of sight. After all, they won't suspect a resourceful forge worker. They'll be looking for an alchemist.
HAMMERLOCK: Fair point. And I think the painkillers are working, you seem much more lively already.

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