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Week 9 Transmutation CX

event ended on april 1, 2022 at 23:59 UTC


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Check out this tool by notgreat from the Discord for stricter checks, including molecules moving in multiple directions and basic in-between cycle collisions.

- There is no longer an instructions secondary, so you can now loop your 6T solves. (pls)
- For stricter verification purposes, all solves will also be stricly checked against and have to pass the 6 test cases below in game manually to be valid, if your solution does not pass any one out of these you will be notified.

Cost / 5 + Cycles + Area
Bonus 10 points for solving

Metrics are of the worst test case out of the 64 possible inputs.
Area is based off of the on-site simulator, which may differ from the game on large swings.

Computational Reagents:
Data Packet Input

Computational Products:
Data Packet Output

Elemental Salt x2
Elemental Fire x2
Elemental Gold

Computation Instructions:
As with tradition, the last puzzle of the tournament is a computation puzzle. Where one must solve a puzzle that requires you to conditionally solve several different test cases with one solution.
The goal of this years puzzle is to implement the elementary cellular automaton Rule 110 within the game. Where fire (△) represents 1 and salt (Ө) represents 0. The input and output wheels are to be read counter-clockwise.
If you aren't familiar with elementary cellular automata, heres a simple rundown. The state of each cell in the output is determined by the corresponding cell in the input and its neighbors. Each configuration of 3 cells has its own corresponding output. The ones for Rule 110 are as follows:

Input △△△ △△Ө △Ө△ △ӨӨ Ө△△ Ө△Ө ӨӨ△ ӨӨӨ
Output  Ө Ө Ө

To visualize more clearly, an example in game is shown in the image below as well. This process is done for each of the six salt-likes in the input.

You can find more info on elementary cellular automata on the wikipedia page.
And if you don't know where to start, you can check out this page on a few properties of Rule 110.

Additional Rules:
There are a certain few additional rules that come with this puzzle for a solution to be counted as valid as well. Keep in mind that not all of these rules will be verified by the site!
1. Your solution must be able to solve for all 64 possible inputs.
2. Your solution must still work if the conditional reagent changes after each pull, and the conditional product changes into the next corresponding output after each drop.
3. Your solution cannot drop an invalid product of the same shape over the output.

Check out this tool by notgreat from the Discord for stricter checks, including molecules moving in multiple directions and basic in-between cycle collisions.

click here after solving puzzle to reveal post solve flavortext
DELIVERY MAN: Mr. Corvo Atreus?
CORVO ATREUS: Yes? What is it?
DELIVERY MAN: Package for you, direct from House Juvenal.
ATREUS: I don’t recall having any correspondence with House Juvenal, what is it?
DELIVERY MAN: Not sure sir, the packing slip just specified to be delivered to you directly.
ATREUS: Very well, I’ll take it for now.
DELIVERY MAN: Excellent, have a nice day sir.

ATREUS: House Juvenal hmmm? It’s not ticking so if I open it with the blinds closed it should be alright. Now to just gently open the package. It's a uh, transmutation engine? Wait a minute, what if I hook this on to the radio device Hammerlock left me. It's been spewing static every time I've tried turning it on.

ATREUS: Alright let's see if this thing works now. Hello? Anyone there?
RADIO: *silence*
ATREUS: Well it was worth a shot, time to put this away I gue-
VICTORIA HAMMERLOCK: Corvo? Is that really you?
ATREUS: Hammerlock. You absolute genius.
HAMMERLOCK: Heh. It's been a while old man, how have you been?


download: OM2022_TransmutationCX.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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