/ Opus Magnum Tournament 2024 /

Week 0: Simulacrum

event ended on january 19, 2024 at 22:59 UTC


This puzzle is optional and won't count towards scoring for the tournament.

Cycles > Area > Cost
Sum4 (cost + cycles + area + instructions)

Elemental Fire
Elemental Water
Elemental Earth
Elemental Air


New! From Critelli Technologies

We present to you the latest from our in-house alchemical labs: Simulacrum Putty. Marvel and gaze in awe as the putty takes the colour of whatever it touches! Create awesome art! Amaze your friends! Annoy your friends! The possibilities are limitless.

(Note: Simulacrum is not suitable for children. Keep in close view: Putty is extremely easy to misplace. Product is not safe for consumption. Do not run an electrical current through putty. Do not ~repeat~ DO NOT allow putty to come into contact with the V series transmutation engine.)

download: OM2024_W0_Simulacrum.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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