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Week 1: Self-Pressurizing Gas

event ended on january 22, 2023 at 21:59 UTC


Sum (Cost + Cycles + Area)
Lexicographic Cycles > Area > Cost


Quintessential Breathing Gas

The Lexicographic Cycles metric first compares solutions by how long they take to output their first product—if two solutions output their first product on the same cycle, ties are broken by how long they take to output their second product, and so on. If a solution stops outputting altogether (whether due to a crash or to conditional logic), it loses to a solution which ties it up to that point, then produces further outputs.

If both solutions enter a steady state with the same output cadence or if two tied solutions both stop outputting after the same product, then they are truly tied in Lexicographic Cycles. Ties are then broken by Area (measured at the victory screen as usual) and finally by Cost.

Alara Fen
I thought you said we'd have more time for this. Wasn't the outer wall supposed to repair itself alchemically?
Elisabeth Sterck
It has. A little too well. Take a look.
Alara Fen
Elisabeth Sterck
Yeah. I've got the pressure suits on requisition. But we'll need your expertise for the breathing gas.

download: OM2023_W1_SelfPressurizingGas.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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