/ Opus Magnum Tournament 2023 /

Week 2: Waste Reclamation

event ended on january 29, 2023 at 21:59 UTC


Trackless Instructions > Area > Cycles
Height > Cycles > Cost

Filtered Waste

Essence of Heat
Essence of Cold

Solutions with track are not considered for the Trackless Instructions metric. Instructions are counted with reset and repeat instructions fully expanded and with period override instructions ignored (the same way they are counted in production alchemy solutions).

The Height metric compares solutions by how much vertical space they use. Vertical space is measured in rows of area hexes at the victory screen—a solution which has five rows of area is better, in the Height metric, than a solution which has six. You can see area hexes while the solution is running by holding the 2 key in-game (or by pressing the P key to toggle).

Elisabeth Sterck
You wanted to talk to me?
Alara Fen
Yes, I was just curious—why did we change course yesterday?
Elisabeth Sterck
What gave you the idea that we would change our course?
Alara Fen
The whole plaza was talking about it. The tower isn't even pointed in the same direction.
Elisabeth Sterck
I would encourage you to leave the navigation up to the astronomers, not those plebians down in the plaza. And please try to stay focused on your work. This next project is quite important.

download: OM2023_W2_WasteReclamation.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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