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Week 6: Bicrystal Transceiver

event ended on march 5, 2023 at 21:59 UTC


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Exotic Metalloid

Bicrystal Transceiver

The Rate metric waits for a solution to enter a repeating steady state, then compares solutions by the length of the repeat period divided by the number of outputs produced during that period. For example, a solution that outputs 3 times in every 12 cycle period (rate 4) is considered better, according to the Rate metric, than a solution that outputs 2 times in every 10 cycle period (rate 5). Solutions which don't enter a repeating steady state are not considered for the Rate metric.

Alara Fen
So if we arrange them into this shape—
Mikael Eltus
Ah, like the classic radio receiver crystals we used to make at school!
Alara Fen
Yes, but see how the structure changes here—
Mikael Eltus
And in theory, this will work at any distance?
Alara Fen
If our last measurements were accurate. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it myself.
Mikael Eltus
If only we could do more than just send signals…
Alara Fen
There's nothing we've seen so far that would stop us from going further. But actually working out the details… seems challenging.

download: OM2023_W6_BicrystalTransceiver.puzzle (where do i put this?)

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